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Earound is an omni-directional floor standing fullrange, single driver horn loaded speaker.
Flawless omni-directionality is a considerable acoustic challenge. Not just in the design of the system itself but in room reproduction. Energy is spread in the room rather than being focused to a narrow point of listening why room acoustics come into play to a greater extent. Also, the perceived loudness falls for the same applied power compared to a directional system. Yet, omni directional sound can offer a good listening experience and is definitely more social as more can enjoy good fidelity, albeit not with the high precision of an Earo Eight or The Ulf. For the best of both worlds, Earound is not fully omni-directional, avoiding the greatest challenges in room placement, the backwall reflection.
Sound dispersion is controlled to be more horizontal than vertical producing a sound field to standing and sitting listeners all but behind the system. Earound´s distinctive design emerges from the combined requirement of expansion and diffuser for the front side of the speaker driver.
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