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Acoustics, including sound reproduction, has had almost a century to become a  researched and mature science. With the advent of digital signal processing technologies and advances in psychoacoustics,  practical application of theoretical models have become commoditized. The ones and zeroes of the digital delivery medium has moved issues of quality into another domain, to the last analog link in the chain. This link are the speakers. We decided to do something about this.

At Earo we believe that form and function shall exist in symbiosis. What tickles the ear shall please the eye.  Our technological foundation is based on the horn. This makes the physical implementation larger and with it the esthetic dimension.  

We pride ourself developing speakers with outstanding performance, particularly;
• Distortion
• Impulse/Transient response
• Dynamic range
• Phase coherence
• Efficiency

Why “high definition”?
A technology employed in most Earo speakers is the horn. Whilst the underlying science of impedance matching is well established with indisputable benefits, the physical realization is bulky, complex and costly. It is not a speaker for the average but for the elite music consumer. Thus, such products rare on the market. This places Earo in a category for itself, in the high definition audio category.

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